Wednesday, 9 January 2013

What is it about assignments?

If you look under the definition of procrastination you will find a picture of me. Or you should- I am the Queen of procrastination.

This very second I write I have not one, but two university assignments due in thirteen days (unlucky for me right?). Instead of feverishly tip tap tapping away at my work, I am indeed tip tap tapping away at this blog.

Why is it when you have a set deadline and have not done much of your work you find anything and everything else to do more important. It must be done right now. 

Cleaning- I am not a tidy person to say the least but come assignment time I simply must clean out that draw or cupboard or what ever it is.

Eating- I'm not sure if all that working (procrastination) makes you want to consume the entire contents of your kitchen, or if it is procrastination itself but,when writing an assignment I seem to want to do just that. Eat. Oh and make countless cups of tea and drinks, none of which I really drink and then have to wash them up there and then. See above

The Internet- I'm pretty sure if the internet did not exist I would have all my assignments done in no time. Youtube, facebook, twitter, blogs- all seem to browsed in the run up to assignment deadlines. Who knew videos of how someone organizes their filofax could be so interesting?

So there we have it. How I do not get an assignment done. It seems if I was not such a great procrastinator ( I wonder if there is a degree in that?) I would get my work done in record time, leaving the rest of my day filled with fun things. Like cleaning, and youtube. And facebook.

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