Friday, 18 January 2013


Ok, so, I love a freebie as much as the next person. I also love competitions. The local raffle, the lottery, that This Morning competition to win your rent for a year. That buzz when you enter, whilst imagining collecting the winning prize proclaiming "oh I never expected it!".

It never happens though does it? Although I did win a giant pork pie in our village fete last year (whilst my mum was exclaiming "go for the hanging basket!!, she never has forgiven me for taking the meat delight), that is about the best thing i've won. Dont get me wrong that pork pie was delish, however  it wasn't exactly an all expenses paid holiday to Dubi right?

After my extensive youtube-ing (yes I had an assignment to do) I stumbled across this video.

Now it seems A Thrifty Mrs has won a substantial amount of goodies! Holiday? Designer handbags? Make up? I wanted in on the action.

I followed her advice and got a junk only email address and twitter account and set to work. I searched various things into the twitter search such as "win uk" "win make-up" and so on. I browsed relevant searches for any comps that you simply had to retweet and follow. Over the past 2 days I must have entered around 50. 

Have I won anything? I'd like to tell you that the postman is currently struggling to carry all my prizes through the door but alas no, I've yet to win a wham bar. But its early days, no? 

I'm going to keep up the pace and continue to enter any free comp I see. I'll update you when (positive thinking right?) the goodies start seeping in. 

Let me know what you guys have won and if you enter comps. 

You've gotta be in it to win it right?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

What is it about assignments?

If you look under the definition of procrastination you will find a picture of me. Or you should- I am the Queen of procrastination.

This very second I write I have not one, but two university assignments due in thirteen days (unlucky for me right?). Instead of feverishly tip tap tapping away at my work, I am indeed tip tap tapping away at this blog.

Why is it when you have a set deadline and have not done much of your work you find anything and everything else to do more important. It must be done right now. 

Cleaning- I am not a tidy person to say the least but come assignment time I simply must clean out that draw or cupboard or what ever it is.

Eating- I'm not sure if all that working (procrastination) makes you want to consume the entire contents of your kitchen, or if it is procrastination itself but,when writing an assignment I seem to want to do just that. Eat. Oh and make countless cups of tea and drinks, none of which I really drink and then have to wash them up there and then. See above

The Internet- I'm pretty sure if the internet did not exist I would have all my assignments done in no time. Youtube, facebook, twitter, blogs- all seem to browsed in the run up to assignment deadlines. Who knew videos of how someone organizes their filofax could be so interesting?

So there we have it. How I do not get an assignment done. It seems if I was not such a great procrastinator ( I wonder if there is a degree in that?) I would get my work done in record time, leaving the rest of my day filled with fun things. Like cleaning, and youtube. And facebook.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Filofax Virgin

So, after receiving my first Filofax flex for Christmas I have been on a mission. What is a flex? How can I use it? Is it better than the old style filofax? What do people put in their filofax's? All these questions have been answered through the wonderful world of youtube.

It is now official. I've gone filofax mad. Blogs, videos, websites- I've looked at them all! After beginning my quest believing the the flex would do me, I came to my senses. I needed a proper filofax! 

So, filo friends I can confirm, I am no longer a filofax virgin. In fact I seem to be the proud (to be) owner of no less than four filofax's in two days (plus the flex's). Yes, an obsession has began!

The first filofax I inherited from my lovely boyfriends mum - a pink pocket sized filofax.(I do not know the exact model) Although lovely (and free) it was was too small for what i needed it for so the hunt continued..

I searched ebay believing a second hand filofax was the answer to my prayers- cheap and I could add my own refills. I found a personal domino in raspberry and made my bid. As the auction was nearing its end some crafty fellow filofax fan tried to outbid me! The excitement of winning took over and I decided to outbid them , winning the auction (and my second 'real' filofax) at a grand total of £9.50 (inc p&p).
Item pictureI felt rather chuffed with myself and set about buying some inserts, which is indeed where I hit a large, expensive brick wall. I mean paying £8 for a diary insert?! Do they not know I am a poor student?!
So two filofax's in and my search continued. A brand spanking new, up to date filofax is what I needed. I did my research and bagged (I believe) a bargin of a metropol personal in raspberry (do you see a pattern emergining here?) for £20! This was ordered yesterday (Sunday) and includes next day del so shall be here!

So, here the story should end. However, on a shopping trip today to pick up a few essentials (new inserts, coloured paper, sticky notes and pens for my new filofax- like I said, essentials) I stumbled into my local Shelter charity shop and there, upon the shelf, below a halo of light was a boxed personal deluxe leather zipped Durham complete with unopened fiofax pen. It was a 2005 edition, doesn't look used and had no diary inserts but had many, many others which can still be used. The price? £3. Yes £3. A bargain and i've done my bit for charity for the day, brownie points for me.

So a magenta flex in a5 and slimline, a pink pocket, a personal raspberry domino, a new personal metropol in raspberry and a black leather personal Durham. From filofax virgin to a proud owner of six in a few days... this doesn't bode well for my filofax obsession....
The filofax fascination will continue