Friday, 18 January 2013


Ok, so, I love a freebie as much as the next person. I also love competitions. The local raffle, the lottery, that This Morning competition to win your rent for a year. That buzz when you enter, whilst imagining collecting the winning prize proclaiming "oh I never expected it!".

It never happens though does it? Although I did win a giant pork pie in our village fete last year (whilst my mum was exclaiming "go for the hanging basket!!, she never has forgiven me for taking the meat delight), that is about the best thing i've won. Dont get me wrong that pork pie was delish, however  it wasn't exactly an all expenses paid holiday to Dubi right?

After my extensive youtube-ing (yes I had an assignment to do) I stumbled across this video.

Now it seems A Thrifty Mrs has won a substantial amount of goodies! Holiday? Designer handbags? Make up? I wanted in on the action.

I followed her advice and got a junk only email address and twitter account and set to work. I searched various things into the twitter search such as "win uk" "win make-up" and so on. I browsed relevant searches for any comps that you simply had to retweet and follow. Over the past 2 days I must have entered around 50. 

Have I won anything? I'd like to tell you that the postman is currently struggling to carry all my prizes through the door but alas no, I've yet to win a wham bar. But its early days, no? 

I'm going to keep up the pace and continue to enter any free comp I see. I'll update you when (positive thinking right?) the goodies start seeping in. 

Let me know what you guys have won and if you enter comps. 

You've gotta be in it to win it right?

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